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Lower Your Taxation
with the Right Representation

Is your home being unfairly assessed? Are you paying too much in property taxes? Chances are, both answers are “yes.” Real estate property values have sharply declined in recent times, but the assessed value of homes in your neighborhoods have not.

If you are surprised by the County’s assessment of your home and property, and the taxes due, you are not alone. But you can do something about it. You can rely on me. 

I provide the expert representation you need. I understand the intricate processes necessary to file your appeal. Unlike many attorneys, I do not charge any upfront fees or retainers for representation in Lake County. As payment for my services I will receive a percentage of your tax savings--and I only get paid if you win your property tax appeal. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Call 847-480-6483.
Email Lisa@YourTaxShrink.com

Lisa H. Fishbein is a Property Tax Attorney, serving property owners in Cook County and Lake County, Illinois.

“It is my profession and I will fight to lower your home’s assessed value and your cost in  property taxes. I represent my clients well. Over 95% have received a reduced property assessment.”

To begin your property tax appeal process, begin here.